The first time we stayed at Nishiyama Ryokan was 4 years ago during our first trip to Japan. This year we came back to Kyoto from 01 to 09 August, so we chose to return in this ryokan. We were extremely satisfied with our experience here: our room was spacious, perfectly clean and nicely arranged. We enjoyed the public bath every evening, and it was really good to relax body and mind after being around the whole day!
Staff was so kind and nice, they were always ready to assist us and they made us feel like at home.
We greatly enjoyed the Japanese style breakfast (remember you need to book it one day in advance), and we warmly recommend the experience at least once. The ingredient are fresh and of excellent quality and the meal itself is very well presented, so that eyes are satisfied as well. Same is for the dinner (again, you have to book some days in advance, so please ask the reception), try it at least once! We were not able to do it this time, but we had it a couple of times 4 years ago and definitely, it is worth the price. The landlady is a chanoyu (tea ceremony) master and she holds demonstrations in the lobby every day: take the chance to attend if you can, as it is a very interesting experience.
The ryokan is also provided with laundry room, where you can wash and dry your clothes for free: very useful for long- stayers.
Finally, location is also very convenient, next to underground station and bus stops, so you can quickly reach the most important sites of interest in Kyoto. It is also very close to Teramachi market where you will find lots of shops and restaurants.
From Italy
Aug. ’19

Stayed at NISHIYAMA RYOKAN, Kyoto city