Great place to stay if you want a traditional style with modern facilities.

The experience of staying somewhere like this was a perfect, relaxing way to spend my last night in Japan. It was a treat for me to have a night in somewhere a bit quieter with more of a traditional feel. This facility did not disappoint! The onsen was lovely, and in your room you are provided with a yukata and green tea set, as well as a small television and great wifi. Also the staff were all fantastic, very helpful and friendly 🙂 Thank you!
It’s probably worth mentioning that it is a bit of a walk from Kyoto station if you have lots of bags, so when checking in and out it might be a good idea to make your life easy and spring for a taxi.
Feb. ’19
Stayed at Ryokufuso, a traditional Japanese hotel near the World Heritage temple Nishi-honganji in Kyoto city.