A Comfy Stay in Kyoto.

Ryokufuso is just a lovely experience all around as both a ryokan and a hotel to stay. The staff is so kind and nice while the facilities are fun to be in. They provide yukatas as well as explaining how to wear them. There is a public bath area with instructions in English. It doesn’t have any spectacular views but is super warm and does the trick. I also had the opportunity to get the breakfast in their dining area which was a very filling breakfast with a lot of food from agedashi tofu to a cooked fish. The location (as a lot of things in Japan) are a wee bit further than you might expect, especially with the roads being a bit more wobbly getting to it but it’s in a great part of town where everything isn’t too far off. Highly recommended.
Nov. ’18
Stayed at Ryokufuso, a traditional Japanese hotel near the World Heritage temple Nishi-honganji in Kyoto city.