Can´t wait to be back!

海外在住、日本式旅館には初めての宿泊でした。値段は米国相場と比較し、そう高いとは感じませんでした。 玄関時点でスタッフの方にお出迎え頂き、その後お茶と菓子が出るなど、非常に丁重なサービスと感じました。お部屋までご案内頂き、館内案内や浴衣の着付けなどご丁寧に説明頂く等、日本の一般的なホテルと比較しても、良いサービスであったと感じます。
This was the first time for us to book a traditional style inn in Japan. Compared to the price range of hotels in the U.S., the cost of the stay here was comparable, as I was used to paying $110 – $200/night for a mid grade hotel depending on the location (Holiday Inn, Marriott Courtyard, etc). Upon arrival we were greeted by a staff outside, who promptly carried out luggage. She then helped us check in, and served us a tea and snack while we waited. I was already blown away by the level of attentiveness, but afterward she personally took us to our room and explained the key features of the facility, including how to wear a yukata (the casual kimono you can wear aroun the facility). There are more things I can note but all in all, I was very satisfied with the experience. If you want to stay at a traditional style inn in Kyoto that’s not too far from city center (10 minutes from Kyoto Station), I highly recommend Ryokufuso! I have nothing but good reviews for this place. From the first minute I was delighted. The place is completely japanese and charming. The staff was incredibly friendly, helpful and charming at all times. In addition to that the majority speaks English. The rooms are so beautiful. Fully decorated with Japanese style. For a Mexican like me, it was like being in ancient Japanese film. A typical breakfast is served (Kaiseki), which i loved (although I didn´t recognize all the ingredients). Very Japanese. The location is quite good. Walking distance from Kyoto Station, Gion, Pontocho. I have nothing but wonderful memories of this place. Can´t wait to be back!
From U.S.A.
May ’17
Stayed at Ryokufuso, a traditional Japanese hotel near the World Heritage temple Nishi-honganji in Kyoto city.