Excellent first experience in a Ryokan!

I have nothing but good reviews for this place. From the first minute I was delighted. The place is completely japanese and charming. The staff was incredibly friendly, helpful and charming at all times. In addition to that the majority speaks English. The rooms are so beautiful. Fully decorated with Japanese style. For a Mexican like me, it was like being in ancient Japanese film. A typical breakfast is served (Kaiseki), which i loved (although I didn´t recognize all the ingredients). Very Japanese. The location is quite good. Walking distance from Kyoto Station, Gion, Pontocho. I have nothing but wonderful memories of this place. Can´t wait to be back!.
From Mexico
Apr. ’17
Stayed at Ryokufuso, a traditional Japanese hotel near the World Heritage temple Nishi-honganji in Kyoto city.