Outstandingly helpful staff.

This is a great place but what impressed us most was the front desk person’s advice (which he offered without our request) that saved us much hassle on our return to Tokyo. Specifically, he recommended changing from Shinkansen to Narita Express at Shinagawa instead of at Tokyo because Shinigawa is a much smaller station so save about 15 minutes of racing to the next platform far away. It worked just like he said! The five of us are grateful. Rooms are large, clean, equipped with refrigerator, phone, shampoo, etc. A pitcher of tea and a pitcher of ice water daily with a small treat.
The breakfast is the guest’s choice of 7, 7:30, or 8am. A fabulous set meal served at a reserved table in a large special room. The meal has a few variations such as a different kind of fish each day. Each of the four breakfasts we ate there, we had the room to ourselves. Seating is on the tatami floor, using a cushion. The staff was unusually welcoming and cheerful, constantly greeting us and thanking us as if we were celebrities. A suggestion on getting there from Shin Osaka or the main Osaka station: Of course take the Madosuji Line, but changing to the Sennichi subway line at Namba involves a lot of stairs up and down, and spiraling around, riding two minutes to Nihombashi Station, then a lot more stairs and spiraling around to use Exit 2. A big chore with suitcases. Much easier is avoiding all the stairs and spiraling at both stations by just walking 8 minutes from Namba to Nihombashi. The underground passageway “Namba Walk” has tile floors and shops on both sides, very smooth and pleasant, and cooler and drier than being outside. (If the Namba walk ends in about 40 meters you are going the opposite way, not the correct way. The correct way has numbers on the walls getting bigger: B14, B15, B16, etc.) Still take Exit 2 at Nihombashi Station.
From Exit 2, go to the surface road, turn left, soon cross over a bridge, then take the first road to the left. Kaneyoshi is on your left in about 50 meters.
Strong wifi in the rooms. A computer and printer in the lobby.
From U.S.A.
Jul. ’16
Stayed at Kaneyoshi Ryokan, Namba Dotombori, Osaka.