A wonderful ryokan experience.

Throughout our 2 week Japanese adventure, my sister nagged and nagged me to book a night in a Japanese Ryokan. I was hesitant, as I had researched a few places with paper thin walls and communal bathing ( clearly not my style Ya’ know). Whilst in Osaka, we decided we would do it, so the night before I booked a room for 3. The hotel was a little difficult to navigate to, only because we walked from our other hotel, and obviously can’t navigate that well – being females and all 😉 When we arrived, the loveliest man greeted us and welcomed us with a big smile. His English was amazing, and he assisted us with our bags. We were quite early, a few hours before check in, but he arranged to have our bags taken to our room. When we went up to our rooms, I was pleasantly surprised! The room was awesome- great views, smelt clean, sizeable living/sleeping area with a traditional Japanese table and tea set, as well as a nice sized bathroom. Our bags were waiting, and we were told to let the staff know when we were ready for bed ( so they could come and make our beds up). We us our showers after a humid day in Osaka, then went out for dinner. Just behind us was the river, and alongside it were lanterns and heaps of restaurants! When we got back, our beds were made and we just jumped in! I could not have any bad comment about this place! Once again, the hotel host was so lovely, he kept us up to date about the approaching Typhoon and helped us with directions. If I ever travel back to Osaka ( I definitely will!!) I will be coming back here, for a longer stay! Thank you!
From Australia
Jul. ’14
Stayed at Kaneyoshi Ryokan, Namba Dotombori, Osaka.