We had a nice view over the garden of an adjoining property.

jinpyo.jpgWe had a wonderfully spacious suite, traditionally furnished and decorated, with a spa bath using hot spring water plus outdoor stone bath. There was also a shared open-air hot spring bath, one for gentlemen one for ladies, both of which were very well-appointed and enjoyable to use. We had a nice view over the garden of an adjoining property. The futons were luxuriously thick with warm eiderdowns, the weather was freezing so we really appreciated the footwarmers provided! There was a large modern TV, DVD & CD player although we didn’t need these. I was anxious to get in touch with my daughter who was ill, and the lady manager immediately provided us with wi-fi connection. Although unobtrusive, we had all the help we needed from staff as soon as requested, e.g. local map etc. The food was delicious and beautifully presented, we stayed two nights and each meal was different, with a huge variety of tableware. The lady explained all the different dishes, and the locally resourced foods. We appreciated that breakfasts included rolls/toast and coffee, to finish off an otherwise very traditional and delightful Japanese meal. We had been in Japan for two weeks and ready for a taste of home!
We enjoyed our trip to the snow monkey park , it was a unique experience to see them soaking in the hot spring, and watch the babies swimming around. We would also recommend the Roman Art Museum very near Jinpyokaku, we saw a magical exhibition of glass angels.
From England
Nov. ’13
Stayed at Jinpyokaku, Kanbayashi Onsen, Nagano.